BFC Functional Training Program offers players the opportunity to fine-tune their techniques, tactics and overall knowledge of the game in a group environment. Each functional session focuses on a specialized training area, which Brookhaven Football Club believes is necessary to master in order for a player to maximize his/her potential.

Based on the needs and schedules of players in these age groups, BFC offers five (5) seasons of Functional Training, which compliments your player’s club and/or school team experience and schedule.

Each Functional Training Program’s focus area will consist of six (6) nights per season, each session lasting 60 minutes each.

Some of the topics that will be touched upon include: passing, receiving, dribbling, Coerver (fast footwork), finishing and combination/transitional play/defending.

For each season your player is registered, payment must be received within two weeks of first session. Failure to pay may result in losing your spot for that session. If you register for the entire year (5 seasons) you will be required to pay 50% up front and then the remaining balance by the beginning of the third session.

Our Functional Training Program is offered at Oglethorpe University Soccer Fields.

Key Information

Program includes 9 weekly sessions, beginning September 7, 2018.

Sessions are held on Friday evenings from 6-7 pm at Oglethorpe Univ.

The cost is $135 per season, $500 for all 5 seasons, or $25 drop-in fee, 1x per week, each lasting 60 minutes.

Full payment must be received within two (2) weeks of registration.

Development Center Costs

There will be sessions for the following seasons: Fall 1, Fall 2, Winter, Spring 1, Spring 2. Each training season is 6 weeks (5 weeks in Winter) with 1 session per week.

SessionCost 1x WeekDrop-in
Fall Season 1$135$25
Fall Season 2$135$25
Spring Season 1$135$25
Spring Season 2$135$25

Included in registration, your child will receive:

  • 6 – One hour training sessions
  • 1 – training t-shirt


For each session your player will need to:

  1. Wear BFC Development Training Center training t-shirt
  2. Have turf or molded soled shoes
  3. Wear shin guards
  4. Bring a soccer ball with their name on it
  5. Bring a sports drink or water bottle with their name on it

Focused Areas

  • Ball Striking: learn the proper fundamentals and techniques of becoming proficient and confident using all parts of both feet
  • Expand your imagination and creativity around the goal
  • Acquire the tools needed to be dangerous in the final third
  • Recognize when to be selfish/unselfish around the goal
  • Learn the proper technique of playing different types of passes – lofted, driven, bent and different spins, etc.
  • Develop the knowledge to recognize when to use what type of pass
  • Acquire the art of a good first touch: develop the ability and understanding to be able to control the ball where needed using all parts of the body (feet, thighs, chest, head)
  • Ball Striking: develop the proper technique playing the ball with all parts of the foot (inside/outside, sole, heel) as well as chest and head
  • Learn and polish overall ball control using all parts of both feet
  • Become skilled at deception, body language and how to sell your fake
  • Improve your overall ball skills, shielding, juggling, change of direction, etc.
  • Build your confidence and comfort with the ball
  • Gain knowledge in the proper fundamentals of the counter attack
  • Recognize the correct time to execute
  • Be fundamentally trained on one-on-one and tactical defending
  • Learn tactical defending: man marking, zone defending and match-up zone
  • Learn the flat back four
  • Learn the art in bringing the ball out of the back
  • Proper positioning and situations to make good defensive attacking runs
  • Be taught combination standards: 1-2’s, lay-offs, dummies, patterns, 1-3’s