Q. Who Runs/ Coaches/ Refs the games?

BFC Professional Staff coaches facilitates the experience, but really the players. BFC wants each player to experience what it’s like to play street soccer. Lionel Messi “When I was a young boy in Argentina, I played futsal in the street and in a club. It was great fun and helped me to become the player I am today” (FIFA World player of the year)

Q. What is sideline etiquette?

1. Avoid ‘coaching’ from the sideline while watching your child’s game

2. Do not criticize the referee

3. Focus on the benefits of the game rather than the score

4. Think when interacting with opposing fans

5. Don’t stress out over the game

6. Save issues with the coach for the next day

Q. What type of surface is a futsal court?

This is a hard-surface futsal court. Flats are required. No cleats. Shin guards are required.

Q. What are the rules for playing time?

BFC only allows 6 players on each team to allow for maximum playing time and development. Each team will play a 30-minute game after completing 30 minutes of performance training.

Q. What type of ball do you use to play Futsal?

We will use an official futsal ball and play 5v5 including goalies.

U8 Might play 4v4 depending on the number

U8 & U10 size 3

U12 and above size 4

Q. Who can play Futsal?

Open to all skill levels. Some games will be Boys, Girls, or Co-ed. It really depends on the players that sign up for each session. BFC staff will do its best to create games that are balanced by ability and age.

Q. When do games start?

We will start the first game at the time posted for this event. When you arrive, please check in with the BFC Staff. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your session start time so that you can stretch and warm up. To run a great game, it is important for players to be ready to start on time.

Q. Why do coaches move players to different teams?

In order to challenge players but also increase development and opportunity, players will not always play on set teams but on varied teams in order to allow for different player roles and challenges. BFC professional coach’s will monitor and place players in order to create a challenging and even match each week. This format is great for combining playing time and great fun.

Q. Why is my player in goal?

Some session may have full-time keepers that want to play in goal the whole session other teams may have to use field players to play goal. BFC Staff will monitor and rotate players on each team to make sure players take turns playing goalie.

Overview- Boys and girls sign up as team or individually for a one hour, one day a week session. Signing up for multiple sessions is allowed and encouraged to increase development during the winter. On game days’ teams of 6 players will be formed to play 5v5 with keepers. Players and teams could be adjusted by BFC Staff to insure the games are challenging and fun.